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Created by Magic

Family Prints

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Let us capture your favourite moments

A personalised family print is the perfect way to celebrate the joys of domesticity and family life. At Created by Magic, we offer a range of fully customised print ideas, ideal for gifting or simply adding some extra flair to your home. 

More and more people are turning to traditional family portraits, to embrace a unique moment in time. These family prints can be customised in accordance with your requirements, so feel free to chat to our award-winning team about what it is you’re looking for. Our Fareham studio is nestled in the heart of Hampshire, and from here we work tirelessly to help bring your creative vision to vivid life. Each print is presented on high quality paper with a choice of different frames to create something truly unique. 

Pet portraits are also a popular way to add some flair to your domestic spaces. A family portrait with your dog lets you show off your pet pooch and helps emphasise their treasured place within your family unit. 

Ready to get started? Browse the full range of family portrait options at the official Created by Magic store and reach out to our friendly team if you have any questions about your project. 

Portraits of Pets UK

Portraits of Pets UK We are a nation of pet lovers; we just can’t get enough of our furry friends! Which is why here at Created by Magic we know how important it is to create a beautiful life-like portraits of pets. From dogs to rabbits, we just can’t stop sharing photos of our beloved pets. If you are looking for a special gift for a pet owner, you should consider one of our personalised pet illustrations. These are a charming present a pet lover will adore. They will treasure the gift

The Joy of Anniversary Prints

The Joy of Anniversary Prints When it comes to collecting prints for your anniversary, it’s important to get the right ones for the right occasion. There are some which are much more ornate and sophisticated than others, which makes them a good choice when you want your event to have some prestige. Because each year represents a different anniversary, there are different anniversary prints for different occasions. Let’s cover some of the most popular and unique anniversary gifts out there. 1st Wedding Anniversary - Paper Print Think of the first wedding anniversary

A guide to the best pet memorial gift Ideas

A guide to the best pet memorial gift Ideas Losing a beloved family pet can be a devastating time, especially as our pets provide us with so much comfort and companionship. If a friend or family member has recently lost a pet, a thoughtful way to ease their pain is to send a pet memorial gift that will help them to remember their special pet forever. In memory of pet gifts can provide great comfort, and we truly hope this guide to the best memorial gifts will help. What is a

Christmas Pet Portraits Make the Perfect Gift

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread cheer and warmth than with a unique and heartwarming gift – Christmas pet portraits. These timeless treasures capture the essence of your furry friends, creating a lasting memory that will bring joy for years to come. Choosing the Perfect Image Selecting the right image is crucial for a stunning Christmas pet portrait. Opt for pictures where your pet's eyes and fur details are sharp and crisp. This ensures the final artwork captures the true spirit and

Fun ways to bring a touch of family to your room

Fun ways to bring a touch of family to your room When it comes to decorating and furnishing our homes, we always want it to be a reflection of our own sense of style and who we are as people.  However, we still want to have a family vibe to the space, making it warm and inviting. One way to make sure that your room, no matter where it is in your home, has a truly family feel is with wall art. But which is the best wall art to go for?


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