Cat Portraits

Our custom cat portraits will capture the true essence of your feline friend, by turning your treasured photographs into a realistic cat portrait.

What are custom cat portraits?

All we need is a high-quality photograph of your much-loved pet, and we will bring their purrs to life. Whether you are looking for a print of a small kitten or an adult cat curled up in their favourite spot, we will use our expert skills to capture the details in an artistic digital print.

A cat watercolour portrait gift

We supply our digital cat portraits UK wide, which makes them a great gift option for your family and friends. If you are looking for a gift which will be treasured for many years, our custom cat portraits are the perfect choice. 

A cat portrait is such a thoughtful gift, and many of our customers ask us to create stunning realistic cat portraits in memory of their much-loved pets. We guarantee that our portraits will become a talking point in every home, so that the spirit of the dear cat lives on.

Whether you are looking to create a cat watercolour portrait for your home or to give as a gift, our team will turn your ideas into a beautiful piece of art, which is ready to hang in pride of place.