Specialising in beautiful, lifelike portraits created with digital watercolour brushes

Finer details

Our pet portraits are unique to you as a pet owner, the watercolour style has been the same since 2016 and will remain the same for years to come. Making it a perfect way to collect pet portraits of all your beloved pets for a consistent design across your framed prints at home.

We work with the most stunning felt marked Tintoretto Gesso paper which will compliment your pet portraits beautifully. This is available in two thicknesses, which has a subtle difference, the felt mark is ever so slightly deeper on the 300gsm in comparison to the 250gsm. You can read more about the paper on our paper guide page, if you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Your pet portrait is totally unique to you, you may choose to have a simple light grey watercolour behind your pet or include the original background that appears in the photograph. This is a great idea if your pet is sitting in its favourite spot or running through a bluebell meadow to add some personality to portrait of your pet.

Alternatively, we can do an artistic mix of both of those options, this is recommended if your pet is photographed with a slight covering, ie blanket is covering its paw or your pet is laying in long grass.

Whichever you decide, our creative team will work their magic on your personalised pet portrait.

Our pet portraits can be tweaked into a memorial print is a wonderful alternative to a traditional photograph, and we will capture their unique characteristics and spirit in a creative way, making our pet art a touching tribute to the memory of your pet. You can choose to add a little ‘In loving memory‘ text above your beloved pets name and even add a special message below, making this a wonderful memorial keepsake.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality prints, and we do need high resolution images to ensure this is achieved. If possible, you could take a new image using the highest resolution setting option on your camera or smartphone.

We know that in many cases it might not be possible to send a brand-new image across, so please send any potential photographs to our team and we will do our best to help.

Please see our guide for Top Tips to Photograph Your Pet for a Portrait


We can also supply our pet portraits framed, Whether you choose a traditional natural real wood frame or a modern white or black painted wood frame, we guarantee to provide a range of options which will suit every interior style.

You can read more on our framing by clicking here.

Custom pet portraits make a perfect gift for a pet owner, with many of our customers sending their favourite photographs for us to turn into unique pet art. From birthdays and Christmas gifts to anniversaries and other special occasions, our traditional watercolour pet portraits will create a focal point in any room.

We believe that pets share a special place in their families, and every home should be adorned with images of beloved pets. We only use the best quality materials in our pet illustrations, so you can be sure that your gift will arrive in perfect condition ready to be treasured for many years. From images of cats in their garden, to dogs on their favourite walk and horses at a sporting event, we can transform any great photograph into a stunning piece of pet art.

We understand just how heart-breaking it can be to lose a much-loved companion, which is why our team take such care to create beautiful pet illustrations for those who have suffered the loss of a pet.  A pet portrait memorial print is a wonderful alternative to a traditional photograph, and we will capture their unique characteristics and spirit in a creative way, making our pet art a touching tribute to the memory of your pet.

Our pet portraits are digitally created with high quality photographs, our graphic designers use digital brushes and the latest design software to create a portrait of your pet that is life-like yet affordable. Hand-painted can often mean – expensive, also without spending a huge budget, hand-painted may not ‘capture’ the character of your pet as well as our digitally created approach.

horse portrait review

” Absolutely love my horse portraits!!! Will 100% be ordering again!! Laura worked so hard with me to get the perfect images to work from and I can’t thank her enough!! They are perfect!! “

Brian Hall

horse art print

” A memory captured beautifully in stunning horse print, something to hold onto forever. Thank you so much Laura and Created by Magic “

Karen Steele

Horse Portrait Gallery

Horse Portrait Print
Horse Portrait
Horse Portrait uk

Framing your horse portrait

We believe that the milestones in your life should be celebrated and cherished, and in our opinion, there is no better way than with a framed horse portrait and framed artwork. Whether you are looking for framed pictures as a gift or to have your special prints framed, we have carefully selected a range of handmade frames and high-quality traditional window mounts.

We offer two print design sizes, A4 and A3, with matching frame sizes. These are the most popular sizes for wall mounted prints, and we have a variety of paper finishes available to suit your specific requirements. The frames will arrive ready to be placed on the wall, with fittings on the reverse of the MDF backing. All products have options for framing on the individual product pages making it easy to place your framing together with your personalised print order.

How much does a horse portrait cost?

Horse portrait prices vary, our portraits are created digitally using digital watercolour brushes and cost between £28.00 and £91.00 depending on the personalisation, size and finish you choose. Due to the way our portraits are created, your portrait will always be an accurate representation of your horse.

Alternatively, Hand-painted horse portraits of a similar size and style can cost somewhere between £130 and £560, all artists styles and standards are different so it’s always worth checking their portfolio before they begin.

How do I create a Horse Portrait?

  1. Choose the horse portrait design
  2. Send us the personalisation
    1. First Name
    2. Message underneath
    3. ‘In loving memory’ added (optional)
    4. Background options
    5. Upload high resolution image
    6. Choose the size & finish
  3. We will then create the design
  4. We dispatch the same day if ordered before 11am (Mon – Fri)

Custom Horse Portraits

Since 2015 the highly skilled Created by Magic team have transformed pet photographs into one of a kind, personalised digital portraits. There is nothing we love more than expertly capturing the fun, playful and loving personality of your pets forever, and our horse portraits are a perfect example of the stunning watercolour prints our team can create.

What is a personalised horse portrait?

Our personalised horse portrait services can turn any photograph into a stunning piece of art, which perfectly captures the playful spirit and sporting ability of every horse. From sentimental pictures of horses and their owners to mesmerising images of riders trotting and jumping, we will transform your much-loved photographs into personalised digital watercolour prints which can be treasured for many years to come.

A bespoke equestrian portrait gift

If you are looking for an unusual gift for a passionate horse rider, our personalised horse portraits are the perfect gift. By creating stunning digital illustrations from photographs, we can create timeless works of art which serve as a reminder of their special bond. Whether you are looking for a print of the horse alone, multiple horses or with the horse and their owner, our team will design a beautiful illustration which the recipient will be proud to own.

A realistic horse painting is also a very thoughtful gift for those who have experienced the loss of a beloved horse. A horse is an important part of every owner’s life, and when they pass away it can be a very difficult time. However, a custom horse portrait is a beautiful way to remember a much-loved animal forever and if you have a photo in mind that perfectly captures the personality of the horse, our team will create a digital equestrian portrait which brings to life their spirit forever.

How to create your custom horse portrait

The first step in creating your realistic digital horse painting is to decide which photo to use. Ideally, the focus of the image will be the horse, and it should be excellent quality with a bright, light background, as it is the small details which will really bring your watercolour horse portrait to life. If you would like to include more than one horse within the illustration, they will need to be standing together.

We know how important it is to create a horse portrait which is truly unique, so we can add the horses’ name, special dates, and a meaningful message to the print. Simply let us know your requirements and we will do our best to bring your ideas to life. Once the design if finalised, it is possible to choose from either A4 or A3 sized custom horse portraits, which are all printed on premium luxe paper with an option for framing.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for an equestrian fan or searching for a realistic digital horse painting for yourself, we guarantee our watercolour horse portraits will take pride of place in every home. To find out more about the possible custom horse portrait options or to place your order, please contact our talented team today.