Welcome Signs

If you are looking for a simple way to add a personal touch to your wedding, our welcome signs are the ideal choice. We can customise every aspect of your wedding day with decorative signs that perfectly match your theme, colour choices and unique style. Whether you are planning an intimate outdoor wedding or a large formal occasion, we can design and print the stylish signs you need.

A range of wedding signs for your special day

From modern and minimalist signs to more rustic styles, you will find a range of potential designs within our gallery. If you are looking to greet your guests and help the day flow with ease, we can provide the ideal sign. Our bespoke signs will set the tone for the day and will tie your theme together, especially if you choose our services for your complete wedding stationery designs.

As you can from the standard available options, we can create signs which welcome guests and guide them to key areas, such as the gift table, your guestbook, and their welcome drinks. We can even design signs which encourage your guests to take photos and share on social media, so that you can easily keep track of the day and treasure their photographs.

Bespoke wedding signs for every venue

With sizes from A4 through to large A1 signs which are ideal for mounting on an easel, you can trust our team to provide the quality your special day deserves. We are committed to helping every customer achieve the day of their dreams, so we are always happy to discuss the various finishing options, Foamcore and Foamex boards.

Why Have a Welcome Sign?

Welcome signs are more than just decorative pieces; they play a crucial role in setting the tone for your wedding day. Here’s why you should consider having one:

1. Creating a Warm Welcome

A welcome sign greets your guests with a personalised touch, making them feel appreciated and valued from the moment they arrive.

2. Guiding Your Guests

These signs can serve as practical guides, directing attendees to key areas like the gift table, guestbook, and refreshment stations, ensuring a smooth flow of events.

3. Enhancing Your Theme

Customisable welcome signs can seamlessly blend with your wedding theme, adding a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing element to your decor.

4. Encouraging Engagement

Include fun prompts on your welcome sign to encourage guests to capture and share their memories on social media, helping you cherish those special moments.

Where to Put a Welcome Sign

Choosing the right location for your welcome sign is crucial to its effectiveness:

1. At the Entrance

Place the welcome sign near the entrance to your venue, ensuring that it’s one of the first things guests see as they arrive.

2. Near Key Areas

Strategically position signs near important areas like the gift table, guestbook station, and bar, making it easy for guests to find what they need.

3. Photo Opportunities

Consider setting up a designated photo spot with your welcome sign, encouraging guests to snap pictures and create lasting memories.

What to Have on the Welcome Sign

Customisation is key when it comes to the content of your welcome sign:

1. Names and Date

Include your names and wedding date to personalise the sign and commemorate your special day.

2. Warm Greeting

Extend a warm welcome to your guests with a heartfelt message or a simple “Welcome to our wedding.”

3. Social Media Hashtag

Encourage guests to use a specific wedding hashtag when posting photos on social media, fostering online engagement.

What Size Should a Welcome Sign Be?

1. A3 to A2

Ideal for mid-sized weddings, offering enough visibility without overwhelming the space.

3. A1 

Perfect for large, grand venues or when you want the sign to make a bold statement.