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Insta Family Photo Collage Print

Insta Family Photo Collage Print


Insta Family Photo Collage Print, We believe YOUR stunning Instagram pictures deserve to be in pride of place.

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Many Instagram fans spend hours carefully curating beautiful images, and here at Created By Magic, we believe these stunning pictures deserve to be hung in pride of place as a printed photo collage. Our Instagram and other social media pages often include our favourite photographs, however scrolling through our special memories on a mobile phone can never compare to a photo prints collage. 

In comparison to printing a single image, a photo collage will allow you to pick a beautiful collection of images, so there is no need to pick between your favourite pictures. Whether you are making your own photo collage and printing from your treasured images or looking for a thoughtful gift, printing photo collages onto our luxury glossy photo paper is the perfect way to display treasured photographs.

Our photo prints collage

As you can see from our various designs, our photo prints collage can be tailored to suit every design style, from artistic sepia and black and white styles through to colourful images which capture the stunning colours within your images. We can even add specially chosen colours within the grid like pattern, so that your photo collage print perfectly matches the recipient’s décor.

As well as being a great gift for an Instagram fan, our family photo collages make an excellent gift idea for family members who do not use social media. If your relatives miss out on viewing your special photographs because they do not use sites such as Facebook and Instagram, simply choose your favourite images and let our design team create a gift which they will treasure forever. 

How do we send the photographs?

Our design team will be in touch with you to send your images across via email.



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