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It is not compulsory to gift the child on their christening but many of us like to treat the little-one to a timeless keepsake they’ll treasure always. For a truly special gift that shows that you’re thinking of them, we recommend a unique personalised gift.
A Baptism or Christening is a very special time for all friends and family to come together an enjoy a special celebration. It’s so important to feel you are giving the most appropriate gift that would make a lifelong keepsake, and these personalised Christening prints are just that. Our best selling Christening prints are unique, fully personalised and suit all themes and budgets.

If you are feeling a bit confused about the difference between a baptism and christening, you are not alone, as the term ‘christening’ is often used to describe both. The ceremonies are both very similar, in fact, the Church of England describes how both terms are often used interchangeably, with babies baptised during a christening service, in the same way that couples are married during a wedding service.

However, officially, a christening is a naming ceremony within an Anglican church, whereas a baptism is the first of seven sacraments within the Catholic Church, and it involves welcoming the new baby into the church as a child of God. In both ceremonies, the parents and godparents will be invited to the front of the church, where they will be asked to provide responses relating to raising the child before the child is baptised/christened with holy water. 

If you have been searching for a gift specifically for a baptism or a christening, within our collection we are able to personalise any of our prints to suit the special day with the word ‘baptism’ or ‘christening’ available on all designs.

When you choose a personalised christening present, you are gifting a keepsake that will always hold a special place in the child’s heart. Not only will the child always be reminded that you were there to share the special day, but the parents will always view the gift as a nostalgic reminder of how much thought you put into choosing the perfect gift for their son or daughter. 

There are so many potential christening and baptism gifts to choose from, but a unique, personalised girls or boys christening present will show that you have spent time carefully choosing and creating the perfect gift. If you are searching for a thoughtful gift that will always be treasured, a personalised christening print will allow you to share special words in a way that will be admired and treasured for many years to come.

Are you wondering what to get a baby for a baptism or christening present? If so, our creative team are here to help with a variety of unique gift ideas that are perfect for a girls or boys christening. The following are just some examples of prints that we think make brilliant gifts for a christening day:

A christening certificate holder

A christening or baptism certificate is an important item that will need to be kept safe, so a christening certificate holder will make a great gift. There are many design options available with stunning options to suit every budget.

A photo frame

During a christening the family will capture many memorable moments in treasured photographs, so a photo frame is a thoughtful gift option. There are endless design options, and it likely that you will be able to find frames that can be personalised to suit the occasion.

A money box

Perhaps one of the most traditional christening gifts, silver money boxes have been given as baptism and christening gifts for many years, so it is sure to be a gift that will be treasured by everyone.

A silver spoon

Another traditional gift that will be admired and treasured is a silver christening spoon, and these are often available in stunning cases with luxurious designs.

A personalised print

A personalised print is such as versatile gift choice, and our designs range from delicate watercolour illustrations of treasured photographs through to bold and colourful prints that celebrate the occasion is a fun way. 

If you have been asked to be a godparent for a goddaughter or godson, naturally you will be looking for the perfect gift to show your love for the child. There are many moments that you will share together throughout the godchild’s life, with a christening or baptism likely to be the first special occasion. There are many gift options to choose from, such as traditional money boxes, candles, and our own personalised christening prints. 

The ideal gift will be a unique keepsake, and our prints can be fully personalised with special messages to remind the child just how much you care. Within our beautiful collection you will find a variety of designs to suit every colour scheme and occasion, including heartfelt poems, watercolour illustrations of the church and stunning foil designs.

Not all gifts for christenings need to be religious, and there are many modern gifts available that will commemorate the special day without a religious sentiment. From personalised books, illustrations and prints that celebrate the child’s name and date of birth through to jewellery and trinket boxes that will keep treasured items safe.

You will see within our collection that we offer a beautiful range of baby name print designs, which are created by our team to be a perfect non-religious gift for a child. The prints are designed to celebrate details such as the date and time of the child’s birth, rather than the religious ceremony, and with so many options available we are sure you will find the perfect design.

As you browse our website you will notice that we offer a wide selection of prints that are perfect gifts for a new baby, and you will be pleased to know that we can personalise any of the details. From simple text changes to include a christening or baptism date through to changing the colour scheme to match the child’s bedroom décor, our team are always happy to bring your ideas to life.

All christening prints can be re-worded

perfect for new baby, christening, baptism or naming day

If you have found a design you love, and would like it re-worded for another occasion, simply get in touch and tell us what you’d like it to say. For instance this Christening print has an option on the product page to select “Born” rather than “Christened on”. This may also be changed to “on your naming day” or “Baptised on”.

The possibilities are endless.

Unique Christening Prints

A christening is such a special occasion for every family, it is a time for everyone to come together and celebrate the birth of a new baby and their welcoming into the church. Here at Created By Magic, our team take great pride in designing beautiful personalised christening prints that will be treasured for many years to come, as we know how hard it can be to find a personalised gift that shows just how much you care about the new arrival. 

To help you in your search for the perfect gift ideas, our team have put together the ultimate guide to baptism day and christening day prints, with a useful list of common questions.

If you have been invited to a christening, our beautiful prints are the perfect way to show your love and affection. The designs are carefully created to offer endless personalisation options, simply choose your print, fill in the quick form with the details and choose your paper size and finish. Our team will then create your unique christening print with a design proof sent across to you to approve. If you would like to find out more about possible christening gifts or personalisation options, please contact our creative team today and we will be more than happy to help.