What are the milestone anniversary years?

Wedding anniversary gifts have been exchanged since Roman times, with traditional annual milestone gifts each designed to represent a new stage of married life.

Anniversary Gifts by Year

From the special 1st anniversary paper gift through to the giving of valuable gold on the 50th anniversary and diamonds on the 60th, as the years pass each anniversary is marked with a traditional gift. Although silver, pearls, rubies, diamonds, and gold are all highly valuable milestone gifts, in many marriages the gifts which are truly treasured and remembered are the thoughtful personalised paper items.

The traditional 1st anniversary paper gifts symbolise the start of a new beginning and a life together, however in our opinion every wedding anniversary is a representation of a fresh new year and the start of a new chapter in your life together.

Below is a list of all the milestone anniversary years, materials, metals, stones and precious gems! Along with some gift ideas for inspiration.

Year Symbolic Gift Gift Inspiration
1st Anniversary Paper 1st anniversary print
2nd Anniversary Cotton Clothing
3rd Anniversary Leather Wallet or Purse
4th Anniversary Fruit or flowers Vase
5th Anniversary Wooden Cheese Board
6th Anniversary Sugar or candy Jelly beans
7th Anniversary Copper Personalised copper mugs
8th Anniversary Bronze or pottery Personalised flower pot
9th Anniversary Willow pattern or pottery Ceramic vase
10th Anniversary Tin Personalised tin flower pot
11th Anniversary Steel Cutlery
12th Anniversary Silk & fine linen Linen scented candle
13th Anniversary Lace Table runner
14th Anniversary Ivory Candle
15th Anniversary Crystal Champagne flutes
20th Anniversary China Personalised mugs
25th Anniversary Silver Jewellery or 25th anniversary print
30th Anniversary Pearl Jewellery
35th Anniversary Coral & Jade  Jewellery
40th Anniversary Ruby Jewellery or 40th anniversary print
45th Anniversary Sapphire  Jewellery
50th Anniversary Golden Jewellery or 50th anniversary print
55th Anniversary Emerald Jewellery
60th Anniversary Diamond Jewellery or 60th anniversary print
65th Anniversary Blue Sapphire Ring
70th Anniversary Platinum Jewellery
75th Anniversary Diamond Jewellery
80th Anniversary Oak Engraved Plaque