The 100 Day Project – 2022

We are approaching the half-way mark in #the100dayproject, and we are proud of the array of designs our team have launched so far. In fact, we have launched a new product every single day since Sunday 13th February! This is such an exciting time, so we thought we would put together a blog post to give you a quick insight into the behind-the-scenes creative process here at Created By Magic during The 100 Day Project.

Why did we do The 100 Day Project?

Like most teams, we love a challenge, and The 100 Day Project is the ideal challenge for us to stretch ourselves creatively in a way which benefits our customers. Designing and launching 100 new products every single day is definitely not easy, but we are 100% committed to achieving this personal challenge and we are so proud of the designs we have already launched. This is a great chance to give our product catalogue a thorough refresh, and by listening to our customers ideas and recommendations we hope to have an excellent range of new products launched during The 100 Day Project. 

When does The 100 Day Project take place?

Every year thousands of people around the world participate in #the100dayproject, a creative movement which anyone can join. If you would like to follow the exciting projects within this global art project, take a look at #the100dayproject on Instagram, and you will be amazed at what participants have achieved! The event takes place every spring and is now in its 9th year, so perhaps you may even be inspired to do The 100 Day Project next year?

What have we designed so far?

When we started The 100 Day Project, our team had many exciting design ideas for prints within our wedding stationery and personalised collections. We have already brought many of these to life, and as the project has progressed, we are amazed at the ideas which spring to life as our popular collections continue to evolve. We are also inspired by the feedback and ideas which our valued customers provide us with, and you will be able to see many of these new designs across our website already.

How do we plan on creating the next 50?

At the request of our customers, there are some key areas where we are focusing our attention, including new baby and christening prints, wedding stationery, order of service booklets and menus. So, keep an eye out for our new product launches and completely new product categories which are gradually being added to our website.

At the heart of this exciting challenge are the design ideas of our customers, and this is the chance to bring your own ideas to life. If there is a particular print idea you have in mind or even a whole category, leave us a product recommendation via the form below and our team will do their best to use your ideas within The 100 Day Project.

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