A Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording

Deciding on the wording for your wedding invitation can be one of the hardest parts of designing your stationery, however our team have some great tips. Whether you need help with how to address a wedding invite, the etiquette rules or even the tone of voice, the following are the most important points to consider.

Tone of voice

If you are planning a traditional wedding, it is usually best to stick to more formal language. However, for casual days there is more room for personalisation and character within the wording.

The greeting

Traditionally, if the parents of the bride are paying for the wedding, the invitation should be sent from them, with wording such as ‘Mr & Mrs Smith request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their daughter’. However, many couples today pay for their own weddings or share the cost with both families, so this is very much a personal preference.

Key information

Perhaps the most important wedding invitation words are the details for the day, and you will need to include the address and times for the ceremony and reception.

Be specific

Your guests will appreciate a clear invite, so be specific about whether they are invited to the ceremony and the reception or just the evening reception. In addition, make sure to include details of whether plus ones and children are invited.


Many couples choose to include an RSVP card with the invite; however, you will need to provide an address and an RSVP deadline, which is usually set to 4 weeks before the wedding. The RSVP card is also a great chance to asks guests if they have any specific requirements.


If you are hoping that your guests will provide a gift, you may want to include the details within the invitation.

Wedding invitation wording should be personalised to you as a couple, and we can design stunning stationery which embodies the tone of your special day. There are many examples available to view on our website, including a range of wedding stationery packages which will ensure your guests are provided with everything they need for your wedding day. To find out more, please contact our experienced design team today.