Pet Portrait

Our watercolour portrait prints are designed to perfectly capture your pet and their unique personality, so that you have a precious keepsake to cherish forever. Whether you have a beloved dog, cat, horse, rabbit or even a guinea pig, our portraits will bring your pet to life in our creative, signature style.

We work with the most stunning felt marked Tintoretto Gesso paper which compliments your dog portrait beautifully. This is available in two thicknesses, which has a subtle difference, the felt mark is ever so slightly deeper on the 300gsm in comparison to the 250gsm. You can read more about the paper on our paper guide page, if you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Your animal portrait is totally unique to you, you may choose to have a simple light grey watercolour behind your pet or include the original background that appears in the photograph. This is a great idea if your pet is sitting in its favourite spot or running through a bluebell meadow to add some personality to portrait of your pet.

” We ordered a dog portrait of our beloved cocker spaniel who passed away very recently. We simply cannot believe what the final print looked like, it was just magical and so very lifelike. Thanks Laura for all your very prompt help with the process. “

-David Ridding


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