Project Description

Brand identity for Woodland View Breakfast Club

Whiteley, Hampshire based graphic design company.

We were commissioned to create Woodland View Breakfast Club’s brand identity. The client chose to include their children into their brand logo in a child-like illustration they’d envisaged.

Why Choose us?

Unlike many logo designers, we take the time to learn and understand your business story, its mission and vision. During the design phase, we use visual brainstorming techniques to explore numerous ideas and directions for your brand.

We provide you with 3 options based on the objectives agreed upon using scalable vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator. By using vector software, we are able to create scalable artwork that can be easily reproduced at any size without any loss of quality, meaning you will have professional, high-quality results every time no matter what size your logo needs to be.

Working in partnership with you, we are happy to take on board feedback to refine the designs making them exactly how you ensilaged and more!