Custom Animal Portraits


Our custom animal portraits can turn any photograph into a stunning piece of art, which perfectly captures the playful spirit of any animal.

(max file size 5 MB)


Custom Animal Portraits

Are you looking to create a personalised animal portrait which brings out the spirit of a beloved pet? Whether you are looking for a stunning print to display in your own home, or a gift for someone special, our custom animal portraits are the ideal choice.

We can transform heart-warming animal images into bespoke animal portraits with a beautiful watercolour effect, which can be framed and hung proudly in every home. Whether you want to transform an image of a beloved pet or bring to life a mesmerising photograph of an animal in the wild, our team can help. We are fully committed to providing the best quality custom animal portraits, so we use the highest quality Tintoretto Gesso paper stock combined with the best printing techniques.

Our experienced team can create bespoke animal portraits which perfectly capture every detail in your photographs. All we require is a high-resolution image, with a minimum file size of 1Mb. We can even remove busy, bright backgrounds, so that the animal becomes the sole focus within your stunning print. 

The image is created digitally using a photograph that you provide so please ensure your photograph is high resolution for the best results! Minimum 1mb (1280×720) please feel free to email us first (hello ‘at’ and we can check your image.

Please note: Please do not send screenshots of images or images from facebook.


  • Created digitally using your photograph
  • A4 (1mb+ image) or A3 (2mb+ image)
  • Print comes unframed


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