Save the Dates: Top 5 Tips and Etiquette 

Sending Save the Date cards has become an increasingly popular trend for couples ready to tie the knot. There’s lots of great ways for you to ensure your own version are a big hit.

Here are five top tips for fantastic Save the Dates etiquette…

Save the Dates: Top 5 Tips and Etiquette

Remember the vital info

Your Save the Dates don’t have to include much information – but the info you provide should be straightforward and helpful for your guests to begin planning their calendar. 

Key things to consider include:

  1. Your names
  2. The date of your wedding (or dates if its a weekend)
  3. Location

You may wish to include your wedding website if you have any important travel or accommodation information.

When do you send save the dates?

As a general rule, it’s best to start spreading the news around six to eight months prior to the wedding (send them a little earlier for a destination wedding). This gives wedding guests plenty of time to plan and book their travel, save and request days off work. Any later than that and they won’t have enough lead time to do those things.

This leaves your guests plenty of time to prepare, but not enough time for them to forget. Thankfully, this timespan tends to slot very well into the average time it takes to plan a wedding!

Who should I send them to? 

There’s no need to send Save the Dates to everyone you know! Simply send them to the people you want to invite to your upcoming wedding. When you decide who to send the save the dates to – be sure you don’t accidentally send too many and have considered any number restrictions at your wedding venue. 

Blush and Sage Floral Save The Date Invitations

Choosing the right save the date design 

Some couples like their Save the Dates to match their wedding venue or their theme. If you know these things, then it’s a fantastic way to give your guests a taster of what to expect on the big day. 

However, don’t panic if you find a Save the Dates design which you love, but which doesn’t really match either your theme or your destination. This is an opportunity to express your individuality, and you can always use your invitations to be a bit more thematic. 

Do I need to send Save the Dates? 

While Save the Dates are not an essential part of your wedding planning, they are certainly a fun one! They have a practical purpose (helping your guests find out more about the wedding, and not overbooking for that day). But they are also just a wonderful way to get a bit of hype built around the wedding day. 

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