Cat Portraits

Our custom cat portraits will capture the true essence of your feline friend, by turning your treasured photographs into a realistic cat portrait.

What are custom cat portraits?

All we need is a high-quality photograph of your much-loved pet, and we will bring their purrs to life. Whether you are looking for a print of a small kitten or an adult cat curled up in their favourite spot, we will use our expert skills to capture the details in an artistic digital print.

A cat watercolour portrait gift

We supply our digital cat portraits UK wide, which makes them a great gift option for your family and friends. If you are looking for a gift which will be treasured for many years, our custom cat portraits are the perfect choice. 

A cat portrait is such a thoughtful gift, and many of our customers ask us to create stunning realistic cat portraits in memory of their much-loved pets. We guarantee that our portraits will become a talking point in every home, so that the spirit of the dear cat lives on.

Whether you are looking to create a cat watercolour portrait for your home or to give as a gift, our team will turn your ideas into a beautiful piece of art, which is ready to hang in pride of place.

We work with the most stunning felt marked Tintoretto Gesso paper which compliments your cat portrait beautifully. This is available in two thicknesses, which has a subtle difference, the felt mark is ever so slightly deeper on the 300gsm in comparison to the 250gsm. You can read more about the paper on our paper guide page, if you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Your cat portrait is totally unique to you, you may choose to have a simple light grey watercolour behind your pet or include the original background that appears in the photograph. This is a great idea if your cat is sitting in its favourite spot or walking through a bluebell meadow to add some personality to portrait of your cat.

Alternatively, we can do an artistic mix of both of those options, this is recommended if your cat is photographed with a slight covering, ie blanket is covering its paw or your cat is laying in long grass.

Whichever you decide, our creative team will work their magic on your personalised cat portrait.

A ca portrait memorial print is a wonderful alternative to a traditional photograph, and we will capture their unique characteristics and spirit in a creative way, making our pet art a touching tribute to the memory of your cat. You can choose to add a little ‘In loving memory‘ text above your beloved cats name and even add a special message below, making this a wonderful memorial keepsake.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality prints, and we do need high resolution images to ensure this is achieved. If possible, you could take a new image using the highest resolution setting option on your camera or smartphone.

We know that in many cases it might not be possible to send a brand-new image across, so please send any potential photographs to our team and we will do our best to help.

Please see our guide for Top Tips to Photograph Your Pet for a Portrait