8 Printable Baby Shower Games Bundle


8 Printable Baby Shower Games Bundle – Beautiful instant download games to print & enjoy!

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8 Printable Baby Shower Games Bundle

A perfect mix of baby shower games and activities

8 Printable Baby Shower Games Bundle, Printable – Instant PDF Digital File –  baby shower games & baby shower activities

If you’re planning a baby shower, this fabulous games bundle is for you. This beautiful floral design is our most popular instant download and will give you an assortment of printable games to enjoy and help to create unforgettable memories!

Simply download, and print as many as you need for the baby shower event, in colour on a quality card or paper. In both American & British terms!

The 8 games

Guess the baby food (2 files for this game)

To play the ‘guess the baby food’ game, you must cut all the labels and selotape around the jars, if the jar you are using has a label larger than 177mmx25mm you may need to remove the existing label and write the flavour on the inside of the baby shower label. Guests will write the answers on the sheets, when it comes to finding out the answers you simply peel away the answers! You can also pre-record the answers on the baby shower answer sheet.

Who knows mummy best?

The baby shower quiz ‘who know’s mummy best?’ sheet has 3 quiz’s per a4 page, simply slice with scissors along the dotted line.

Guess the size of mummy’s tummy

The guess mummy’s tummy should be enough to have one per event, as the predictions can be written on the bottom, don’t forget to take along a tape measure! (not supplied).

Word search

There are plenty of baby related words hidden in this word search, answers provided for those difficult finds!

Baby name A-Z race

Ready, Get set, GO! Race to guess baby names for every letter of the alphabet, the one to finish the quickest wins!

Baby bingo (to be filled in by guests)

Guests, guess the prizes that will be opened by the mum-to-be, then cross off the boxes, the one to guess all the gifts in the correct order is likely to win!

The price is right

To play, you need to know how much things cost, the closest total to the items shown at the shower wins!

Baby animals game

Have your guests match each baby name to its mommy – for example, a cat’s baby is a kitten.

We also have an accessories bundle – Signs, invites, baby predictions, advice for mum-to-be and more.. view the listing here >>

What you will receive

  • A zip file of 4x A4 pdf files –
    • American-Floral-Baby-Shower-Games-Bundle-Landscape
    • American-Floral-Baby-Shower-Games-Bundle-Portrait
    • British-Floral-Baby-Shower-Games-Bundle-Landscape
    • British-Floral-Baby-Shower-Games-Bundle-Portrait


  • 300dpi high quality design
  • In both American & British terms
  • Print it yourself
  • Floral, modern & clean invitation
  • PDF Digital File for use in adobe reader


PLEASE NOTE: This is a download for digital files, you won’t receive any prints! BUT you can print your documents over, and over again!

All prints, downloads, designs, and photos are owned by createdbymagic © Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. I retain the rights for all of these files created. This file is for personal use only. You may not forward, share, sell or distribute the file. It is for non-commercial use only.

We can’t issue refunds for downloads – so please ensure you read all the information above.


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